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This is a bit late as I reached 5k a little while ago but it’s my first of two summer giveaways I’ll be doing! This is the “smaller” one of the two.


⋆Must be following me as this is for my followers<3
⋆No giveaway blogs obviously
⋆Likes count!
⋆You can reblog as many times as you want, each counts as an entry, please don’t spam you followers though!
⋆I’ll ship to anywhere in the world :)
⋆Must be 18 or have parents permission to give me your address so I can send it to you!
⋆It’d be nice if you could also check out my Etsy shop and like it’s Facebook page <3

What You Will Win:

⋆ 25 tealights
⋆ 1 lotus flower tealight holder
⋆ 1 hematite ring (I don’t know the ring size but I have very long, skinny fingers and it still makes a nice thumb ring :))
 1 tiger’s eye bracelet
⋆ 1 unakite stone
⋆ 1 rose quartz stone
1 carnelian stone

The giveaway ends August 1st which is also Lammas/Lughnasadh :) If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!


Anonymous asked: If you want a guy to love you and not just sleep with you, how about you delete all your whore apps and close your legs and learn to love yourself. because babay; you's gots to stop sleeping around. "I want someone who doesn't want me for sex" (GOES AND POSTS AN UNDERWEAR PIC) #gay #gayboy #like4like. like come onnnnn. You can't be serious.

Well if also doesn’t mean I’m sleeping with everyone thank you very much. I just talk to people and have conversations. To the I don’t want to be wanted for sex that is to the ppl who are messaging me for that. It doesn’t mean I’m sleeping around. And I don’t open my legs and sleep with everyone. I’m not that kind of person. And for the photos of me in underwear doesn’t mean I want sex or seeking it out. It means I feel good about my body and don’t care who sees it. Doesn’t make me a whore or a slut.

Haha got a pedicure. And the women who did my feet her daughter asked if she can pick my color so I let her haha

Haha got a pedicure. And the women who did my feet her daughter asked if she can pick my color so I let her haha